Welcome to SJM Refrigeration

Located in Northumberland, we specialise in installation, servicing and maintenance of all aspects of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning equipment.

Freezers and Refrigerators

We will provide our services to you with care. That means we will check the integrity of your unit so you can have complete peace of mind that it will last far into the future.

Cold Rooms

We build our Cold Rooms with full consideration of the customers needs. We always implement the most energy efficient cooling systems, so that our customers can keep their operating costs low.

Split and Multi Air Conditioning

Whether you want to connect up one unit or five, we can make that happen. These systems are great at pushing energy-efficient cooling into your interior spaces.

Variable Refrigerant Flow

If you need a Reliable temperature control system, we've got you covered. VRF's can provide sophisticated cooling for both offices and homes.

At SJM we desire to cater to all the needs and wants of our customers. That's why we provide many additional services.

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